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“To all of you THANKS! You are all great - we love your style”
~Maxine Banks, To The Maxx Productions

"If you're a fan of 'smooth jazz' and stuff like that, then you'll love this record beyond all measure..."
~ Matt Cibula,

"Not your usual smooth jazz outing, the disc [Night Shadows] is modern but with an organic, traditional based approach..." ~MC Review of Night Shadows

"We've found cdbaby 2 years ago; it is one of the best site for jazz fans. We have been collecting almost every interesting cd for 20 years now. To find Present Tense was a great pleasure to us and they are a promising new group."
~Levente Zadori and Attila CsikyBudapest, Hungary

"I still love your 'Present Tense' release and have recommended it to all my friends and strangers alike. I personally thought your original cd cover was very nice coming from an independent company and your web site was also professionally created. All the best,"
~Rob Young

"More proof that some of the best music is released independently" ~Anonymous

"When I heard the samples they sounded fine and I decided to order the cd. When I heard the cd in full it turns out that this is not just a fine cd, it is a great cd ! A collection of well balanced, melodic compositions played by outstanding musicians. If you are into contemporary/smooth jazz you have to check it out and you won't be disappointed"
~Harry Spelt, Netherlands


"I was fortunate to have heard this group play live at the Lucy Florence Coffee House in Lemert Park, CA. Jazz inspirations plus Latin rythms meet head on in this original quartets's driving debut CD elease on the track, 'Dia Del Sol.' This is one of the most refreshing group of artists to emerge on the jazz scene in a while. The collaboration of Richard and Ronnie on 'The Approach' is masterful. These all original tracks hightened my already keen sense for accoustic candy. The rythm section was impecably maintained on Ludwig drums and percussion by Ronnie. WOW! If you love keyboards none does it better than John on a 1928 Steinway! I close my eyes in my listening room and I am taken back to that night at Lucy's. I might as well give these guys a permanent debit card for any music they produce. They said to keep it short... how can I? Bottom line... OWN THIS OR REGRET IT!!!"
~Reviewer: StockTec - AKA L.D. Wall