"They combine contrasting styles so flawlessly, it's breathtaking.
Like a sleek, fast rollercoaster, the music challenges
listeners to hold on tight and enjoy the ride."
- Bob Baur / Music Connection Magazine

PRESENT TENSE Originals (aka PTJazz) brings instrumental compositions into a new era. By blending driving grooves with textures of R&B, rock, funk, pop and touches of Latin, the ensemble creates a fresh sound that is as sophisticated as it is accessible. Present Tense is a "Jazz Jam Band Experience" exhibiting a blend of original compositions with unique renditions of contemporary classics.

"Present Tense is a group to watch closely"
Matt Cibula / Music Critic.com

Listen to a short medley introducing Present Tense's latest

The band's 2008 CD release of Smooth Talkin' is currently on over 60 radio stations and syndicated programs across the US and has achieved #31 on the national Top 50 Jazz Charts, and #2 on the Jazz Indie Charts.

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"When they play, you can just sit back and enjoy
the energy as your senses take a
much needed vacation."
~Bob Leggett / Music Connection Magazine