Here is an easy way to preview Present Tense’s “Smooth Talkin’” and “Night Shadows.” Scroll and click to get a full length previews, but we request you purchase the tune from the PT Shopping Cart since it directly helps the cause. If you prefer iTunes the links are below. And CD Baby is awesome for getting the physical CD (which we also recommend, of course).

"Smooth Talkin’" is Present Tense’s latest CD released nationally in May, 2008. It is currently on over 50 radio staions and reached #21 on the jazz charts. The CD features special guests Eric Marienthal on saxes, and Alex Acuna on percussion.

1 Smiles
2 Smooth Talkin'
3 Groove
4 Whatever
5 June Gloom
6 Destiny
7 Dream On
8 Cool Breeze
9 Non Siesta
10 Bel Aire Drive
11 Fifth Avenue
12 031204
13 Syzygy

"Night Shadows" is Present Tense’s debut disc featuring 12 original selections. The CD was featured on TED Airlines, NPR’s Tavis Smiley Show, and played on over 25 west coast college radio stations.
1 The Approach
2 Pinstripe
3 Night Shadows
4 The Ride
5 Daiz Del Sol
6 Cracker
7 Outhouse
8 Wrath
9 Sweet & Simple
10 Nightfall
11 Give An Inch
12 Overload