"This is an act that will not only challenge you,
they'll also take you on the ride of your life."
- Bob Baur / Music Connection Magazine

What is PRESENT TENSE Music?

PRESENT TENSE, aka PTJazz, brings instrumental and vocal compositions into a new era. By blending driving jazz grooves with textures of R&B, classic rock, funk, pop and touches of Latin, the ensemble creates a fresh sound that is as sophisticated as it is accessible. Present Tense is a “Jazz Jam Band Experience” exhibiting a blend of original compositions with unique renditions of contemporary classics. Their live performances (often accompanied with special guests) are a feast for the eyes and ears, showcasing each of the musician’s individual skills.

"Present Tense is a group to watch closely"
Matt Cibula / Music Critic.com

Present Tense’s 2008 studio album “Smooth Talkin;” features Eric Marienthal on saxophone and Alex Acuna on percussion. The album has achieved #31 on the national jazz charts with their debut single “Smiles.” Their second single, “Smooth Talkin’” will be released in early 2009. Smooth Talkin’, along with their debut CD Night Shadows, hold to the same level of musical integrity with high-end production values. All of the main tracks were recorded LIVE in the studio with few over dubs. What you hear is a tight sound that’s polished with real-time interaction - not drum machines and loops. This is what makes their sound ‘organic.’ The majority of instruments are acoustic with some added compliments of guitar and keyboards. In essence, the organic vibe of PTJAZZ music is exhilarating.

BEST FUSION ARTIST (Long Beach Jazz Search)
BEST JAZZ ARTIST nominee (Orange County Music Association)
BEST JAZZ ARTIST nominee (Los Angeles Music Awards)
FINALIST (Great American Song Competition) for “Smiles”

Original Tense” was coined to signify the CD Projects, original compositions and performances at clubs, concerts, and touring. “Private Tense” is geared towards private events and corporate engagements. The band plays more cover material and tends to be a bit low-keyed to enhance/reflect the atmosphere. Both Original and Private Tense can range from a three to seven players, can be all instrumental or with male and female vocals as the scale of effort allows.

“Each musician in this group can stand on his own,
and all are allowed to shine singularly. In fact,
each instrument is so much a part of the total
sound that without any one piece it would
change significantly.”
~Bob Leggett / Music Connection Magazine